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Stickbow.com's Leatherwall
Stickbow.com's Leatherwall The largest traditional archery site on the internet.
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Tradgang.com is 100% totally devoted to traditional bowhunting. The 3 goals of Tradgang.com are as follows ...

1. To offer a public access website for those that love the sport of hunting with traditional archery equipment - i.e., selfbows, longbows, and recurves.

2. To create a friendly atmosphere to all. Dedicated to the discussion of all topics that relate to traditional bowhunting.

3. To support traditional bowhunting and archery manufacturers, vendors, services and organizations - good folks that have their hearts and souls poured into the sport.

Expect to be respected if you decide to join the gang, because the rule of respect is held highest of the few rules that apply. Tradgang.com has a zero tolerance for disrespect directed to anyone. If you want to disagree, then please do so in an adult manner. Debate is healthy, as one sword sharpens another, but it must be done in an honorable fashion.
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